The French are Coming!

French On the Road moviegoers descend on North Beach

“The French are coming, The French are coming!”

On the Road opened in France to 150,000 people on 357 screens. Two of those people were Will & Delphine, who saw OTR the day it opened at a movie theater on the outskirts of Paris. Neither of them had ever read the book, and barely knew of Kerouac, but they went to see the movie because they liked the movie trailer.

Last Saturday, Will & Delphine landed in San Francisco for a Northern California vacation. The first stop they made was North Beach and they were drawn to The Beat Museum by our gigantic Jack & Neal painting at the corner of Broadway & Columbus. After seeing On the Road in France they had to come to North Beach to see what it was all about.

Will & Delphine – the first of the French to land on the shores of North Beach. We expect to see many more!