In Memoriam: Arthur Knight

December 29, 1937 – Septmber 7, 2012

Arthur Winfield Knight passed away on September 7, 2012, of liver cancer. He was 74.

Allen Ginsberg, Kit Knight & Arthur Knight, June 1980.

Allen Ginsberg, Kit Knight & Arthur Knight, June 1980.

Arthur was an educator, having spent over thirty years teaching English and Creative Writing. To Beat Generation fans he will always be remembered as a scholar and publisher who kept the Beats alive with his anthology, Unspeakable Visions of The Individual.

“Arthur died on his own terms and in his own home. He didn’t want to go out in a hospital or a hospice. He wanted to die as he lived. Arthur and I would often sit and watch the dawn break together. We didn’t do it every day but we did it often. His last morning we sat in our home and watched the day come alive together.” – Kit Knight

Below are some examples from Knight’s vast repertoire:

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