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Planning a group visit? We want to make your time in North Beach the most interesting, informative and enjoyable experience it can be. We offer fully customizable Group Tour Packages. Whether you’re planning a high school or college field trip, a sightseeing tour, a company outing, etc, we’ll work with you to provide the best experience for a reasonable price.

90-Minute Guided Beat Museum Tour

Guided tours of the Beat Museum offer a personalized journey ideal for student groups, team building, or entertaining guests. This is an up-close, interactive opportunity to discover:

  • What is the Beat Generation? What’s the difference between a Beat and a “beatnik”?
  • The Beats’ significance for San Francisco.
  • Why the 1956 HOWL obscenity trial marks a critical victory in the battle for free expression.
  • The importance of jazz.
  • What were the values of the Beat Generation? Who were the Beat women?
  • How did the hippie scene of the 1960s evolve from the literature of the 1950s? What is the legacy of the Beats’ influence?

We can also customize your group tour to address your specific interests.
Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

90 minute Museum tours start at $225 for groups of 15 or fewer. $15 each for additional attendee.

2-Hour North Beach Walking Tours

Enhance your group experience with a guided tour through one of San Francisco’s most picaresque and historically significant neighborhoods, and see firsthand where the Beats worked, drank, lived, and loved.

  • 2-hour guided walking tour through historic North Beach with a focus on the Beat Generation of the 1950s.
  • See critical landmarks, current and former Beat-era bars and cafés, jazz clubs, comedy venues, and notable residences.
  • Hear the stories about what happened there (some of which you won’t find in a book!)
  • Experience North Beach like a local.
  • Includes admission to the Beat Museum.

2-hour walking tour starts at $450 for groups of 15 of fewer.
$30 each for additional attendees.

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