The North Beach of the Beat Generation is in Grave Danger

When Beat Generation fans visit San Francisco there are five places everyone wants to go to:

City Lights Bookstore, Vesuvio Cafe, Caffe Trieste, Specs, and The Beat Museum. All five of us have now been closed for a month. All of our businesses are on the line. There is a strong possibility one or more of us will not re-open once this pandemic has run its course. We’ve all applied for small business assistance from various government programs, but that money has been very slow in coming.

Please do what you can to help one or more of us get through this. You’ve met the bartenders, the baristas, and the booksellers who live and work in North Beach.

Please help all of us survive this unprecedented emergency by making a contribution. Maybe you’re only in a position to offer a small sum, or to only one business, and that’s OK.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor, too. We’re all located within one block of one another, and my fear is that if any one of us falls, North Beach will no longer be the North Beach we all know and love.

Thank you!

–Jerry Cimino
Founder/Director of the Beat Museum

To contribute to the City Lights GoFundMe >

To contribute to the Vesuvio GoFundMe >

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