Brian Hassett, Marc Olmsted, and Levi Asher Review Kill Your Darlings

Update: Levi Asher (Literary Kicks) has joined the conversation with his own review of Kill Your Darlings.

The reviews are coming in for Kill Your Darlings from Brian Hassett, Marc Olmsted, and Levi Asher, three true Beat Generation aficionados. We at The Beat Museum have yet to see the film, but we’ve known Brian, Marc, and Levi for many years and can attest to the depth of their knowledge and passion. In these reviews, each of them pick up on the differences between the legends and myths and what truly happened.

To any newbies to the Beats, please understand these guys have probably forgotten more about the Beat Generation than most people will ever know—so they’ve earned the right to be particular about how a movie that professes to be “true” and uses real names blurs the lines between fiction and reality. At The Beat Museum we understand the necessity for artistic license when making a film. We also understand the desire to embrace a new and younger generation. But myth is not reality and legend is not fact. That is not to say every Beat Generation fan should not go see this movie. To the contrary, we all should! And movies are made for mass audiences, not for purists. That said, here are three opinions from three Beat Generation heavyweights. Read on!

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