Rest in Peace, Roger Brunelle

by Steve Edington
Past President, Lowell Celebrates Kerouac

Those of us on the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Committee are saddened by the passing of Roger Brunelle. Roger was one of the founders of LCK when it was first created to see to the construction and dedication of the Jack Kerouac Commemorative in Lowell.

The tours he offered at the annual LCK Festivals were magnificent: “Mystic Jack” that was centered in the neighborhood where the events Jack tells of in Visions of Gerard took place; “Ghosts of the Pawtucketville Night” with its Dr. Sax theme; and the bus tours of the many Kerouac Sites of Lowell.

Roger’s tours especially highlighted and celebrated Kerouac’s French-Canadian heritage—a heritage Roger shared—as well as Kerouac’s intricate use of the French-Canadian language in many of his novels.

Condolences to Roger wife, Alyce, and their children. Time will be devoted at this October’s LCK Festival to honor Roger’s life and memory.

Roger Brunelle leads a tour through Lowell. This stop is the Kerouac Birthplace at 9 Lupine Road.
Video © George Koumantzelis

Read Jerry Cimino’s story of when the Beat Museum on Wheels came to Lowell in 2004, and Jerry and John Allen Cassady embarked upon Roger’s midnight tour.

“Roger was absolutely unique and taught me, a Kerouac novice, with patience and passion. He also tested and challenged. He was brilliant and complex, a lot like his Kerouac!”

–Mike Wurm
Lowell Celebrates Kerouac