Kill Your Darlings Trailer

kill your darlings poster

Kill Your Darlings Poster

The new trailer for Kill Your Darlings just went up, and leaves us with no shortage of curiosity. Refreshingly, the intellectual nature of the Beat circle, their fascination and voracious pursuit of ideas, during the Columbia years appears to feature prominently. It appears Director John Krokidas places due emphasis on their interest in the unconventional and transgressive, such as Lucien Carr jumping atop a library table, “Let’s hear some, shall we?”; Ginsberg (played by Daniel Radcliffe) countering his professor’s dedication to tradition by noting that Whitman hated rhyme and meter, and a few nods to Burroughs’ cut-ups. It seems that in recent years, after a long history of disingenuous portrayals of the Beat Generation, the things they found important are finally getting their due.

Kill Your Darlings Full Trailer from 654792375 on Vimeo.