John Allen Cassady’s Photos from the OTR Movie Set


John Allen Cassady was in England visiting his mother, Carolyn Cassady, when he got the call from Walter Salles, Director of “On The Road”. Walter wanted to know if John would be willing to interrupt his visit with Carolyn so he could meet and give a talk to the cast and crew of the movie while they were filming in Montreal. Walter promised a round trip flight from London to Montreal and that John would be back at his mum’s place in a few days. John only wanted to know one thing: “Will I get to meet Kristen Stewart?” He was assured he’d meet everyone so John boarded that silver bird.

They picked John up in a limo and delivered him to a five star hotel in Montreal. To his chagrin, Kristen wasn’t waiting there for him. They brought him to a party where he met everyone. He spoke to people he recognized and people he didn’t. John took photos with disposable cameras because he’d left his digital back in London. He took pictures of everyone and everything. The next day he’s having lunch with the producers and asks, “So when do I get to meet Kristen Stewart?” “John,” they said, “You met her last night. You flirted shamelessly for hours. You got photos of the two of you together.” John didn’t know what she looked like! “And I wasn’t even drinking,” he said

Back in London John got all his pictures developed. One of them was lost by the photo company. It was the one with all the photos of John and Kristen Stewart. “Story of my life,” John said.