Hunter S. Thompson ”Jack Kerouac was a great influence on me.”

I never would have become a writer were it not for On the Road.

Hunter S. Thompson
NYU – May 21, 1994

by Jerry Cimino

Hunter S. Thompson started reading Jack Kerouac in 1958. I saw Hunter speak on a few occasions. One time on stage at NYU in 1994 at a Beat Generation Conference he said, “I was convinced what I was writing was too far out there to ever find a publisher. After I read On The Road I realized if Kerouac could find someone to publish that book then I could find a publisher, too.”

1994-05-21 NYU Bob Guccione Jr, Hunter S. Thompson, Ed Sanders, Gordon Ball

Next thing we know Hunter is firing up a bowl live and onstage in NYU’s auditorium. It was an outrageous act to do such a thing in a public space in 1994 and the large crowd cheered mightily in appreciation.

1994-05-21 NYU Hunter Thompson lights up while Ed Sanders makes a point

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