The Future of The Beat Museum

After the virus…then what?

Whither goest thou, America...

All of us are living in the midst of massive change right now. If you’re able to separate yourself from the moment, you might be able to contemplate what our world might look like when the coronavirus pandemic ends. It stands to reason the world we inhabit will look much different than it did three months ago, and with that recognition, we as individuals, as business owners, as part of a community and as citizens of our cities, states, and as a nation, have to make tough decisions about what we want the future to look like.

At The Beat Museum we’ve been thinking a lot about these ideas the last few months. We’ve been assessing the future, turning over all the possibilities, and considering our role in a post-coronavirus world.

One thing the virus has taught us is the world of work is changing, and will continue to evolve. Some people can be highly productive and effective working from anywhere, and that includes their homes. Technology is encouraging this change. Millions of people are “zooming” now, who had never even considered that technology a scant three months ago.

And with these changes come major shifts. Hundreds of millions of people are driving and flying less these days, so much so the skies are bluer and the seas are cleaner. How else might the world look different in the next six months?—or the next eighteen months?—once the coronavirus has passed?

Here are some thoughts we’ve been considering as we assess our own future:


  • Will a large percentage of people continue to work from home, while another percentage will be anxious to return to an office when given the chance?
  • Will homes become larger again to accommodate families working from home?
  • Will more people working from home require additional team building to create connections and cohesion for their employees?


  • With more people working from home, will there be a need for alternative forms of community and additional stimulation to break up boredom and monotony?
  • How will the development of robotics affect us? Will our bartenders and baristas be replaced by robots?
  • Will a shift from fossil fuels to solar and wind result in healing the planet?


  • Will major cities become more cultural centers with fewer offices? Will there be more or less entertainment, shopping, restaurants?
  • Will cities continue to be the transportation hubs of our societies?
  • Will cities like San Francisco see some of their office buildings converted to housing?


  • Will tourism pick up for museums and other historical sites?
  • If the concept of “basic universal income” takes off, will that translate into more leisure travel and increased tourism?
  • Will there be more travel events and conferences for teams, companies, and industries?


  • It’s been predicted that 20% of museums worldwide will not reopen. What will that mean for San Francisco?
  • How will the post-coronavirus world affect the viability of The Beat Museum?
  • Should we broaden the scope of our mission to include other counterculture movements throughout history?

Please send us an email—give us your thoughts and opinions on how we should be thinking about our future. We want to hear from you!

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