Ford v Ferrari: “…he’s a beatnik.”

The first time we met Josh Lucas was when he was playing Neal Cassady in Michael Polish’s 2013 movie Big Sur – the movie based on Jack Kerouac’s novel. Last night I had the pleasure of watching Ford v Ferrari which was nominated for best picture at the 2019 Academy Awards. It’s the ultimate corporation versus ‘madman‘ movie. Matt Damon is the legendary Carroll Shelby, Christian Bale is the Beatnik driver Ken Miles and Josh Lucas is the penultimate corporate suit standing in the way of everything that is good in the world!

Here’s a two minute clip of Josh (formerly Neal Cassady) calling the best driver of that era a “Beatnik.”

Watch the scene from the film here >

I can’t help but wonder if the producers of this movie knew what a huge race car Fan Neal Cassady really was – and that he actually used to listen to 33 1/3 LPs of the car sounds from those very races on his record player.