‘To Break the Heart of the Sun’ – William Taylor Jr. Book Release

To Break the Heart of the Sun
William Taylor, Jr. and friends return to the Beat Museum for the release of Taylor’s new collection of poems, To Break the Heart of the Sun.

Featured readers include:

  • Zarina Zabrisky and Simon Rogghe

    Writers Simon Zabrisky and Zarina Rogghe are Siamese twins separated at birth many lifetimes ago and still trying to get over it.

  • SB Stokes:

    SB Stokes writes, draws, designs, produces, and edits in Oakland, California.

  • Jon Bennett:

    Jon Bennett is a musician and Pushcart Award nominated writer living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

  • Charlie Getter:

    Charlie lived for a time on Vanuatu and worked as a professional whale rider (li mensogas, third class) and an Esperanto instructor, he’s just fine thank you and hopes you are too!

  • MK Chavez:

    MK Chavez’s books, Mothermorphosis and Dear Animal, are being published by Nomadic Press and due for release in March and September of 2016

  • Colleen McKee

    is the author of Nine Kinds of Wrong and three other collections of poetry, memoir, and fiction.

  • William Taylor Jr.:

    William Taylor Jr.’s new book of poetry is called To Break the Heart of the Sun