Steve Edington: “Whither Goest Thou America, in Your Shiny Car in the Night?”

This talk takes its title from one of the chapters in Steve Edington’s forthcoming book, The Gospel According to Jack: Tracking Kerouac in My Life. For all the quotable lines in Kerouac’s On the Road, to Edington this one is the most significant, as it represents the challenge that the Beat writers and poets were putting to the post-World War II generation in America: Where are you going now with your wealth, and power, and gadgets and gizmos that are supposedly improving the quality of your lives? The question is no less relevant today.

Join us for some good conversation!

Steve Edington is a retired Unitarian Universalist Minister. His books include Kerouac’s Nashua Connection, The Beat Face of God, Bring Your Own God: The Spirituality of Woody Guthrie, and God is Not God’s Name—A Journey Beyond Words.