Return to the Peoples

return to the peoples

presented by

World Poetry Movement
Medellin, Colombia

The Revolutionary Poets Brigade
San Francisco

Corporatism is the fascism that is manifesting in governments throughout the world by producing nationalist and populist leaders of negation and powerful military forces bent on war. Like students murdered en masse in schools in the U.S., like the tsunami of women jailed as drug offenders because work under capitalism makes body and soul miserable, the World Poetry Movement (WPM) and the Revolutionary Poets Brigades say: Basta! Enough!

Robert Anbian
Mahnaz Badihian
Lisbit Bailey
Judith Ayn Bernhard
Kristina Brown
Bobby Coleman
Pauline Craig
John Curl
Agneta Falk
Francisco Herrera
Martin Hickel
Jack Hirschman
Jessica Loos
Karen Melander Magoon
Sarah Menefee
Barbara Paschke
Jami Proctor-Xu
Giovanni Romano
Kim Shuck
San Francisco Poet Laureate
Michael Warr