Re-Invent the Scroll

On Saturday, October 27th, The Beat Museum will be hosting guests from all over the world for an induction ceremony of the “Reinvented Scroll” of Jack Kerouac.

Above: Kerouac’s original scroll. The ‘scroll’ being inducted into the Museum is an homage to Kerouac’s original, assembled from the contributions of Kerouac fans the world over.

This project, OntheRoad4Kerouac, has been in the works for well over a year, with hundreds of participants from around the globe. It’s a way for people to express what Kerouac and On the Road mean to them, timed in conjunction with the upcoming release of Walter Salles’ On the Road movie in the United States.

On this special occasion, we expect appearances from across the Beat spectrum—from Beats of yesteryear to current celebrities. Director Walter Salles has confirmed that he will be calling in to speak to all in attendance (click here for Garrett Hedlund‘s call-in on Kerouac’s 90th birthday).

Also in attendance will be Michael Marisi Ornstein (“Chucky Marstein” from television’s Sons of Anarchy), and we are thrilled to be unveiling a new exhibition of his paintings. Michael is a Kerouac fan himself, and is currently creating a series of six original paintings for this event—a series of “dreams” centered on different streets in New York City, accompanied with text exploring “what I imagine might have been going through Kerouac’s mind when he was in NYC. I’m drawing from myself, as well, and I’m taking it deep.”

Images and text from the series in-progress: »