PRANKSTER GIRL – Anne Murphy and Lynn Rogers

Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts, Round 41

A woman’s view of Neal and the Beats from two generations, featuring Anne Murphy and Lynn Rogers, plus speacial guests.

Spar hosted by Daniel Yaryan. Plus: Open mic lottery.

Anne Murphy has written the most controversial memoir on her adventures as the companion of Beat legend Neal Cassady and her experience with the Merry Pranksters, Tripping With A Viper—and a special inclusion in the upcoming Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts Anthology, collected by the Bancroft Library and other special collections nationwide.

Lynn Rogers, M.A., is a post-Beat independent author of illustrated books, including Born in Berkeley (Inkling Press). Intuitive and spontaneous, she starts with graphite, adds watercolor, xerography or blown out 60s digital splash. She demonstates mosaic recycle art, was a Mixed Media Finalist at the Triton in 2007, and has won awards in juried shows. Regarding her illustrated south by mystery, A Valley Of Ashes, Metro newspaper suggested: “…her experience with blighted areas and marginal people in society borders on the spiritual.” Rogers is the author of several books: Born in Berkeley, The Rainbow’s Daughter, Where the Flowers Have Gone, Shadow Over the Beach, Revenge of the Goddess, Parting the Veil, A Burst of Sunrise, Side Roads, A Valley of Ashes, Alviso San Jose, and Edgar Cayce and the Eternal Feminine.