Memorial for Joe Pachinko

joe pachinko

Joe Pachinko (the guy in the sunglasses, not the clown)

Hosted by William Taylor, Jr.

Joe Pachinko was born 1960 in Oakland, California. In 2003, through his Superstition Street Press, he republished Beat icon Lenore Kandel’s groundbreaking work The Love Book, which was banned and suppressed upon its original release in 1966. He is the author of the novel SWAMP!, and two poetry collections: The Urinals of Hell, and Stumpfucker Cavalcade. His second novel, Geek City Apocalypso was published in 2012 by Last Gasp.

Beloved poet Joe Pachinko has left the building. Join us for a celebration of his life and work.

Pachinko’s work, and tributes to the late poet will be read by the following:

  • Brenda Knight
  • Nicole Henares
  • Christopher Robin
  • Brian Morrisey

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