‘Landlords’ by Mia Stageberg – Novel Release

'Landlords' by Mia Kirsi Stageberg

Mia Kirsi Stageberg’s novel Landlords resurrects a creatively explosive 1990s San Francisco, when edge-defying artists and outlaw activists battled side by side for their freedom. A must-read for Millennials, Landlords points to choices outside the box: art, love, non-conformity and most of all, comradeship.”

Alan Kaufman Author of Drunken Angel
Editor, The Outlaw Bible of American Literature

Landlords: A Novel champions a parallel universe where Donald Trump was never elected. In the 1980s and again in the 1990s, our heroes fight for a chance to win their own work space. Landlords stand in their way. Can they do it? Set in San Francisco’s North Beach, this controversial novel sees a photographer, an artist, a musician, and an activist through friendship, love, and their shared struggle. By turns lyrical, funny, and raw, it’s a story of people who live for art—and those who could ruin them.

MIA KIRSI STAGEBERG is a fiction writer who has lived in San Francisco for twenty-eight years. Her childhood ambition was to publish in James Laughlin’s New Direction Annuals, and she did. She has fifteen chapbooks, books, and e-books, including first novel Candles and novella Everything For the Beloved. She’s been published by North Coast Literary Review, Awaate, Poetry Bay, Exposition Review, Quiet Lightning, Furious Fictions, ArtPractical, Poetry at the 33 Review, SF Hearts, Oxygen, Literary Orphans, San Francisco Peace and Love, The Scribbler, Sloow Tapes (Brussels) and other journals and anthologies.