Not Our Brothers and Sisters!
Against Deportations and Racism

presented by the Revolutionary Poets Brigade
and The Juana Briones Cultural Committee

Part of the 24th Annual Laborfest

Capitalism uses racist attacks on African-Americans and threats of deportation on Latinos and Muslims to divide the working-class revolution in this country. The Revolutionary Poets Brigade and the Juana Briones Cultural Committee will soundly refuse those betrayals in this neo-fascist period.

Featuring Readers:

  • Jorge Argueta
  • Mahnaz Badihian
  • Lisbit Bailey
  • Judith Ayn Bernhard
  • Charles Curtis Blackwell
  • Boadiba
  • Kristina Brown
  • James Cagney
  • Pauline Craig
  • John Curl
  • Diego De Leo
  • Aja Couchois Duncan
  • Tongo Eisen-Martin
  • Agneta Falk
  • Mauro Fortissimo
  • q.r. hand
  • Christina Herrera
  • Francisco Hererra
  • Martin Hickel
  • Jack Hirschman
  • Genny Lim
  • Rosemary Manno
  • Sarah Menefee
  • Jorge Molino
  • Barbara Paschke
  • Dottie Payne
  • Gregory Pond
  • Maria Medina Serafin
  • David Volpemdesta