Jerry Kamstra: The Frisco Kid Returns

Jerry Kamstra: The Frisco Kid Returns

presented by Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts

Jerry Kamstra is the well-known author of the top-selling books Weed: Adventures of a Dope Smuggler and The Frisco Kid, among many other literary achievements as a poet, editor and publisher. He is a designer, artist, lecturer and educator. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

Upon its release, the San Francisco Chronicle described The Frisco Kid as

The San Francisco novel of the year…A savvy and steet-wise book about a time well before the flower children arrived.

Hosted by Daniel Yaryan & Jim Russo
and featuring readers:

  • Jerry Kamstra
  • ruth weiss and percussionist Hal Davis
  • Neeli Cherkovski
  • A.D. Winans
  • Latif Harris
  • Pablo Lacer
  • Lynn Rogers
  • Ron Lampi

“Jerry Kamstra was born in a mining camp in a shack buried under thirty-five feet of snow. His father, a Dutch immigrant, made his living as a hard-rock miner. His mother was the daughter of a fruit tramp, Nettie Cody, a distant relative of Buffalo Bill Cody. By the time he was fourteen, Jerry had broken his arm eight times and had read every book in the Colton Public Library. Since then, he has worked as an abalone and salmon fisherman, construction worker, trucker and marijuana smuggler.”

– from The Frisco Kid