Haight Ashbury Literary Journal

haight-ashbury-literary-journalThe Haight Ashbury Literary Journal was started in 1979 by Indigo Hotchkiss and Cliff McIntire. It has since expanded from a local journal to include national and international writers. Many of the Journal‘s writers have become Poets Laureate. The Journal has had several editors over the years, who have continued to print varied and often marginalized voices. The current issue features Gerardo Pacheco Matus, who will read with other local contributors.

Local writers in the latest issue are:

  • Clara Hsu
  • Greg Pond
  • Ed Mycue
  • Nancy Wakeman
  • Nancy Davenport
  • Cesar Love
  • Alice Rogoff
  • Dan Richman
  • Olivia Soule
  • and Jane Rades