Going-Away Party for Ezekiel Tyrus

The Beat Museum’s own Ezekiel Tyrus has succumbed to the allure of the tropics, and will soon be leaving us for new adventures on the sunny beaches of Costa Rica. To bid him a fond farewell, we’re throwing him a going-away party, featuring readings from a few of E.T.’s many talented literary friends:

  • William Taylor, Jr.
  • PW Covington
  • Jerry Cimino
  • Bucky Sinister
  • Sean Kelly

…and of course, Ezekiel Tyrus himself

Ezekiel Tyrus

Ezekiel Tyrus is a writer and performance storyteller. He’s written and performed several one-man shows, including Booty Call Etiquette (inspired by a booty call Mr. Tyrus actually turned down), and I Never Fucked Mrs. G, loosely based on a lecherous female teacher who taught at his high school in the 1980s, and who slept with several of his classmates. Mr. Tyrus categorizes his work as autobiographical fiction, and believes art needs to be “funny, sad, and a little disturbing all at once or it’s not art.” His novel, Eli,Ely, was published in 2013 by HardHead Press.