Evidence: Philip T. Nails Record Release

'Evidence' by Philip T. NailsPhillip T. Nails’ latest project Evidence, takes the form of a live performance as well as a vinyl record produced, recorded and designed in collaboration with musicians (Way Jose, Feather Bright, Rusty Miller) and artists Iju Chiang and James Shaff.

Nails has been called “a lightning bolt in brown polyester pants.” The Evidence tour performance blends poetry, stand-up comedy, storytelling and music. Nails and collaborators bring a collision of sexy art with comedic undertones and groovy vintage sounds of soul, blues with echoes of the beats.

Evidence explores eroticism in the digital age, political apathy, and raises the question of how a poem written 15 years ago, based on the Weekly World News could still be relevant today, in 2016? In a 2001 issue it was reported that Hillary Clinton had been caught in a love affair with Plod the Space Alien. At the demand of his mentor, Nails penned “Love Letter From Hillary Clinton To Plod The Space Alien” and the result was a satirical love poem that alights audiences to this day.

Join Nails and friends James Cagney, Jennifer Barone & Ingrid Kier (WordParty), Jennifer Lewis (Red Light Lit), Attack of the Typewriters and other special guests!