Eves at the Beat: Womxn Reading at The Beat Museum

Eves at the BeatDuring Women’s History month a constellation of events brought together a group of fabulous womxn+ writers. The meeting of these hearts and minds exploded into something powerful and a new monthly reading series concept was born, “Eves at the Beat”.

This month curated by: Kimi Sugioka and MC is Ruth Crossman.

Readers are as follows:

Nia McAllister
Mia Ruiz
Vane Diaz
Sara Biel
K. Vail Au
Susan Dambroff

A little more about our readers:

Living at the intersection of blackness, womanhood, art, and activism, Nia McAllister is a Bay Area born poet, avid reader, and environmental justice advocate who hosts the monthly open mic at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.

Mia Ruiz is a first generation, Peruvian-American poet who lives with her loves before Mt. Konocti, an active volcano and Clear Lake. A poet living in geologic time.

Vanessa Diaz Cabrera grew up in the Mission. Her mother taught her to speak Spanish to plants. She is a bird nerd, writer, and lover of all flora and fauna.

Sara Biel is a poet, visual artist and social worker. She is passionate about collaborative art and performance processes. She focuses on art as resources for building community.

K.Vail Au is a product of the military industrial complex and large amounts of alcohol on the paternal side, and of the Ladies Garment Workers Union and many desperate prayers on the maternal side. Until recently, she lived in Berkeley, but now she lives among the trees of the Pacific Northwest, where she works as a solar powered oven in the summer and as a wood fired oven in the winter, cooking up fiction year round.

Susan Dambroff is a poet, performer, and teacher-drawn to the detailed placement of words, the alchemy of timing and sequence. She has published the chapbook,“Conversations with Trees”.

“Eves at the Beat” is a monthly first Thursday reading series at The Beat Museum with occasional readings in Kerouac Alley featuring womxn and non-binary people. Each first Thursday there will be a new curator and MC invited from the previous month. This will give many people the opportunity to step into these roles and make the culture of the readings more equitable and circular, rather than hierarchal.

This is a donation based event. We will pass a hat so bring a contribution for the readers.

We will also be accepting packages of dry goods, new socks, and sanitary items for the local homeless community.