Danny Rosen, Neeli Cherkovski, Jessica Loos, Scott Bird & Friends!!

Danny Rosen, Neeli Cherkovski, Jessica Loos, Tate Swindell, Garrett Caples, Patrick Dunagan, Julie Rodgers, Scott Bird – Reading Poems March 5th, 2023 at 7pm

Poster by Kyle Harvey

Join us for a poetry reading featuring Danny Rosen of Lithic Press!

About Danny Rosen

Each morning Danny pees on the bank of the largest unnamed tributary to the East Branch of Big Salt Wash which flows into the Colorado River several miles below Fruita, Colorado. Early on he learned to swing a hammer and that changed everything. He has been a poet, publisher, teacher, geologist, astronomer, and carpenter. In the middle of his journey he found himself running an astronomical observatory in the heart of the Namib Desert under the southern sky where he cultivated an optimistic outlook based on his familiarity with big space and deep time. He is the author of PRIMATE POEMS (2016), Ghosts of Giant Kudu (2013), and That Curve (2006). He founded Lithic Press in 2007 and has run Lithic Bookstore since its opening in 2015. An inveterate rock hanger, he has collaborated with beavers on a variety of landscape installations.