10th Annual Beat Museum Poetry Festival

Hosted by Terry Adams, Leah Lubin & Fred Dodsworth

For the 10th year running, we feature the living poets, poets laureate, former Stegner Fellows, local published poets, as well as brilliant old and new-timers, plus musicians and performance artists from all over the Bay Area (including Europe this year). Diverse voices will resonate with the all-embracing spirit of the original San Francisco Beat Movement in the aura of memorabilia downstairs in the Beat Museum.

Dray Zera and Umor Hague, young performers from the UK will join us, along with Clive Matson, Caroline Goodwin, Avotcja, Q.R. Hand, Peter Kline, Jack Foley (with Sangye Land), Gwen O’Gara, William Taylor, Chris Vannoy (from San Diego), Kim Adonizio, Brittany Perham, Sarah Kobrinsky, The Word Music Continuum, and 20 or so others.