The Beat Museum on Wheels

2022 Jack Kerouac Centennial Tour

Beat Museum cofounders Jerry & Estelle Cimino are on the road in the Beat Museum on Wheels, traveling across America to share the story and legacy of the Beat Generation—how it came out of World War II, influenced by jazz, spirituality, and nonconformity. The Beat Generation captured the wayward energy and restlessness of youth in postwar America, and created a renaissance of American art, literature, music, values and ideas that continue to inspire.

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We’re officially kicking off our 2022 Jack Kerouac National Centennial Tour with the Beat Museum on Wheels!

Our first stop is Big Sur, where we’ll be joining our friends at the Henry Miller Memorial Library for a special event honoring Kerouac@100. Festivities will include:

  1. Steve Edington, president of Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, will read “Big Sur—Jack Kerouac’s Last Train to the Coast,” a chapter in Steve’s forthcoming book “The Gospel According to Jack.” Q&A to follow.
  2. A screening of the acclaimed film Big Sur,based on Kerouac’s novel, presented by director Michael Polish.
  3. A panel discussion with Michael PolishMagnus TorenSteve Edington, and Beat Museum director Jerry Cimino.
  4. Kerouac centennial exhibition provided by the Beat Museum.

Part Mobile Museum, Part Stage Presentation

Our programs include:

  • Jack Kerouac@100:
    The Man vs the Myth
  • Women of the Beat Generation:
    A Woman’s Perspective
  • The San Francisco Renaissance:
    The 1950s Ethos of the Left Coast

Our live presentation includes:

  • Literary perspective on the meaning and development of Kerouac’s “bop spontaneous prose.”
  • Historical perspective of the times, including WWII, the Cold War, McCarthyism, and the changing culture of postwar America.
  • The influence and importance of jazz.
  • How the Beats influenced later cultural movements.
  • The values of the Beat Generation, including tolerance, inclusiveness, authenticity, and compassion.
  • Encouragement for young people to pursue their passions and their dreams.

Please Contribute to our Gas Fund

Months ago, when we planned this tour, gasoline was $4.59 per gallon in California. Today it’s $6.79! If you’re so inclined, we would appreciate your assistance along this journey. Help get us to the next town by donating to our gas fund. We’re eternally grateful for your support!


The History of the Beat Museum on Wheels

The Beat Museum was born in Monterey, California, in April of 2003. In 2004 and 2005, founder Jerry Cimino and Beat Generation progeny John Allen Cassady traveled the country in what they affectionately called The Mighty Beatmobile and known to the world at large as The Beat Museum on Wheels. During the fall of both 2004 and 2005 John and Jerry drove from California to Maine to Florida and back for a three month period. They performed their live show “This is the Beat Generation” at universities, high schools and community centers for thousands of Beat fans from coast to coast. Many great adventures were had along the way. Upon their return to California just before Christmas of 2005 the Beat Museum on Wheels was retired and The Beat Museum moved to its permanent location in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood in January of 2006.

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