Still – The Mexico Whorehouse Scene

Here’s another promo photo for MK2 Productions’ movie On the Road:

This is undoubtedly the Mexican whorehouse scene from On the Road.  It takes place close to the end of the book, just after Jack and Neal blasted pot with the Mexican cats, Victor and his brothers, with them all digging each other, not speaking each other’s languages but just having fun being high together in the sun. Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund told us about filming this scene back in December when we were all sitting at Vesuvio in San Francisco.

Garrett said, “Walter basically arranged for us to have this huge spontaneous party when we were shooting in Mexico. Most of it was unscripted. He just brought in the music and the actresses who were playing the girls working in the whorehouse and he told us all to drink and dance and play just as if we were partying in a whorehouse!”

“Well, that sounds like good duty,” I laughed.

“It wasn’t!” Sam Riley piped up. “It was especially hard on me, mate. I just got married a year ago (to German actress and his Control co-star Alexandra Maria Lara) and my wife’s an actress and we hadn’t seen each other much as she was shooting a movie, too. And then Walter goes and puts me in a room full of all these girls tearing all their clothes off! Thanks a lot, Walter!”

“And Jerry,” Garrett continued, “the great part is I got to really channel Neal during that scene. Remember all those Neal Cassady DVDs you got me when we first met?”

“Yeah. You were doing your research…that was when? 2007? You bought everything we had on Neal Cassady. You were the first one cast.”

“Right. You told me the footage shows how Neal moved and I had to get them. Well, they definitely came in handy for this scene. Walter told me just to let myself go with the dancing and I started remembering all those images of watching Neal dance. You know, those distinct jerky dance moves Neal had where he’d whip his upper torso around? So I started doing that and then I just went into a trance, even dancing with a chair like Neal did and just letting it all out. We shot a lot of film so who knows what will wind up in the final cut, but those DVDs gave me everything I needed for that scene.”

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