Jack Kerouac Postcard

“We Deliver! We Deliver!”

Some of the most interesting items on display inside the Beat Museum come courtesy of our fellow Beat enthusiasts. That’s a good thing, as we’re a small operation, and have a minimal budget for acquisitions. So for friends and other Beat aficionados to loan or donate their precious artifacts to us, both for safekeeping and for the public to appreciate, is a great way to build a museum!

"Where does the zoo end?" "And the sky begin?"Addressed to Mr. Walter Gutman

It happened once again this month. For 45 years, Nick Triglia has been safeguarding a postcard sent by Jack Kerouac to Walter Gutman at Stearns & Company in New York City. Rather than keeping it in his own private collection, where he’s the only person who gets to see it, Nick contacted us to see if we would be interested in putting it on exhibit for fans to enjoy. The fact that Nick is a retired U.S. Post Office letter carrier makes it all the more symbolic. As Nick said when he presented this artifact to us “It’s like the postcard that Jack mailed in the 1950s has finally found its way to its rightful home.”

Nick's email

Nick’s email

Inking the loan agreement

Jerry Cimino and Nick Triglia pose with Jack & Neal