Specious Species #9 Release

Specious Species 9Specious Species is a magazine dedicated to the preservation of disciplined individual minds in an era of spiritual stagnation, cultural nihilism and pay-per-view warfare. Species is looking for soul. Let’s have art that not only disturbs but inspires.”

Join us as we celebrate the release of the latest Specious Species with an evening of performances and readings by contributors. Copies will be available for sale.

Now in its 9th issue, bigger and more robust than ever, this voluminous edition of Species is organized around the theme of failed revolutions, and includes two lengthier pieces by editor Joe Donohoe, covering the English Civil War and the Paris Commune, along with content from the following:

  • Val Jeanty Haitian electronic music composer, turntablist, professor at Berklee College of Music, pioneer of Afro-Electronica.
  • Erik Davis Tech magus, chronicler of counterculture, and author of Techgnosis: Myth, Magic and Mysticism in the Age of Information and co-editor of the 2011 published and edited version of Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis.
  • Joe Clifford Author of Junkie Love, the Jay Porter thriller series, and The Shadow People; Editor at Gutter Books.
  • Neil Martinson San Francisco writer recalls his first acid trip.
  • Janice Blaze Rocke Writer, producer, and Artistic Director of the Eclectic Collective.
  • Charlie Getter San Francisco poet.
  • Kent Myers Detroit Murder City Comix
  • Josiah Luis Alderete Poet, co-owner of Medicine for Nightmares, and organizer of “Speaking Axolotl.”
  • Alan Kaufman Poet and author of Jew Boy, Matches, Drunken Angel, and editor of the Outlaw Bible series.
  • Yoshi Yubai Japanese punk photographer.
  • Ginger Murray Writer and founder of Bees Knees Productions.
  • Jon Longhi San Francisco writer, author of The Rise and Fall of Third Leg, Wake Up and Smell the Beer, Flashbacks and Premonitions, and Bricks and Anchors.
  • Zarina Zabrisky Zarina Zabrisky is the author of Explosion, Iron, Cute Tombstone, Green Lions and a novel We, Monsters and an independent journalist.
  • Eric Wilcox On failed experiments in social democracy in nineteenth century South America.
  • Marc Capelle San Francisco musician, composer, and producer.
  • Ed Bowers Poet, writer, and painter.
  • Red Dawn On the Russian Revolution, according to Fyodor Dostoevsky and China Mieville