Kerouac Centennial Open House

Open House on Kerouac’s Centennial Birthday
March 12, 2022
Noon – 7pm
The Beat Museum, 540 Broadway, SF

photo © Charles Versaggi, The Semaphore
Copyright © 2022, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, Used by permission.

Last week, we announced we’re holding an Open House event all day at the Beat Museum, in honor of Jack Kerouac’s centennial year.

Festivities on Saturday, March 12th will include musical performances and live readings from Kerouac’s work throughout the day. The Beat Museum on Wheels will be parked out front.

Special Guests to include:

  • Brenda Knight (editor, Women of the Beat Generation)
  • Cathy Cassady (daughter of Neal and Carolyn Cassady)
  • Neeli Cherkovski (San Francisco poet)
  • Agneta Falk (North Beach poet and artist)
  • Jonah Raskin (author of American Scream and Beat Blues)
  • V. Vale (publisher of RE/Search Publications)
  • Sharon Doubiago (San Francisco poet and author)
  • Kim Shuck (San Francisco Poet Laureate Emeritus)
  • and more…

Architect Eugene Tssui will also be here, giving a presentation of his visionary plans for a new Beat Museum at 2:00 pm and again at 4:00 pm. If you’re intrigued by our announcements these last few weeks, you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Also, for this special occasion we’ve opened up the archives, and we’ll have on display numerous items never before seen by the public, including:

  • Original letters by Jack Kerouac
  • Books signed by Jack Kerouac
  • A card from Kerouac to his mother, signed “Ti Jean”
  • Dozens of original c.1960 letters from Gary Snyder to John Montgomery
  • Dozens of original 1950s letters from Gregory Corso
  • Original drawings from Gregory Corso
  • ruth weiss’ “Loyal Royal” typewriter
  • ruth weiss’ doll “Sally,” brought from Austria in 1938
  • The Beat Museum on Wheels