Everybody’s Improper Maps: Mark Gurarie, Alex Crowley, Keara Driscoll, with Charlie Getter and Miguel Pereira

New York City poets Mark Gurarie, Alex Crowley, and Keara Driscoll are on tour, supporting the release of Gurarie’s new book Everybody’s Automat and Crowley’s Improper Maps. They are joined by San Francisco poets Charlie Getter and Miguel Pereira.

everybodysautomatOriginally of Cleveland, Ohio, Mark Gurarie currently splits time between Brooklyn, New York and Northampton, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of the New School’s MFA program, and is the author of Everybody’s Automat (The Operating System, 2016), his debut collection. His poems and prose have appeared in Pelt, Paper Darts, Sink Review, Everyday Genius, The Rumpus, The Literary Review, Coldfront, Publishers Weekly, Lyre Lyre and elsewhere. In 2012, the New School published Pop :: Song, the 2011 winner of its Poetry Chapbook Competition. He co-curates the Mental Marginalia Poetry Reading Series in Brooklyn, serves as the Printed Matter Editor at Boog City and lends bass guitar and occasional vocals to psych-punk band, Galapagos Now!. In addition, he is an adjunct instructor teaching online for George Washington University, a book reviewer and free-lance copywriter.

You can read some of Gurarie’s work on his (not-so-recently updated) website.

improper-maps-alex-crowleyAlex Crowley is a reviews editor at Publishers Weekly and a cofounder of Brooklyn’s Mental Marginalia reading series. He was the recipient of the first annual Paul Violi Award from the New School, and is the author of the chapbook Improper Maps (The Operating System, 2016). Poems and reviews have appeared in Phantom Limb, TLR, Forklift Ohio, BORT Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Handsome, HARIBO, and elsewhere. He is the guitarist/vocalist for the band Warmth and you can find him on Twitter @a_p_crowley.

Links to work can be found here.

Keara Driscoll‘s poems have appeared in the Argos Books anthology Why I am Not a Painter, Big Bell, and Forklift, Ohio. She holds an MFA in poetry from The New School, and likes to make people drink wine with her. She was born in Queens and she will die in Queens.
Find her on Twitter.

Charlie Getter can’t spell, except big words, like forsythia or ragamuffin, he’s left handed, but only when he’s sleeping, he’s been known to be known for something, whatever that is, well no one knows…

Transplant local poet Miguel Pereira is a military brat who came to San Francisco after graduating from Princeton University with a BA in Creative Writing. A founding father of the 16th and Mission weekly gathering, he has been publishing and reading locally since last century.