A Celebration of Haiku

Haiku RevisitedThis special event, hosted by Lean Frog & Mother’s Hen Publications, will both inform and entertain you about the birth of the San Francisco Bay Area haiku movement of the 1950s. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and others, through their avid interest in Zen Buddhism, adapted this unique Japanese form to the new free-verse of the American poetic voice. Jack Kerouac would call them “Western Haiku” in his Scattered Poems, published by City Lights Books.


  • an invocation by Wes “Scoop” Nisker
  • MC Louis Cuneo
  • Bob Booker
  • Tobey Kaplan
  • Jeanne Lupton
  • Clive Matson
  • Florence Miller
  • Amos White
  • and other special guests w/ music by Lucho on sax and Toku Woo on guitar

Lean Frog was founded by Louis Cuneo in 1978 as a monthly newsletter to encourage others in the haiku spirit, and to write their own haiku by forming an understanding of Zen Buddhism and “The Way” through informal workshops conducted by Lean Frog
in Oakland and Berkeley, California.

This will also be a book release party and book signing for Haiku Revisited, Volume 2.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in reviewing the original Haiku Revisited in 1975, said “They are true haiku worth revisiting over and over…”