A Few Beat Museum Concept Sketches

As we continue our campaign to secure the future of the Beat Museum by purchasing a building, we’ve utilized concept sketches to try and illustrate (literally) what a new, expanded, and improved museum might look like. Bear in mind that these are very loose, early design ideas created by friends and supporters for the purpose of exploring our options in a new space; by no means are these final designs. The Beat Museum is a living space, ever evolving and changing as we try to better tell the story of the Beat Generation.

Check out some of the past concept sketches below:

(click to enlarge. zoom using mobile/trackpad gestures)

(click to enlarge. zoom using mobile/trackpad gestures)

Jason Hepperle created this vision of a new Beat Museum featuring five floors, and including a 300-seat auditorium, a bar and cafe, and re-created scenes from the Beat Hotel, The Cellar, etc. Hey, we can dream big, right?

Vision for 580 Green
Designer Michael Palumbo created some early concept sketches for a remodel of our present space at 540 Broadway, featuring many interesting suggestions for new exhibit designs. Michael also created the concept sketch of what a future Beat Museum, replete with a hotel and cafe, at 580 Green Street.

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