Another Visit from Jimmy Page

by Jerry Cimino

Scarlett Sabet & Jimmy Page

Scarlett Sabet & Jimmy Page

Three weeks ago, Van Morrison visited The Beat Museum. This weekend it was Jimmy Page. The common denominator? They both love Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation.

Van Morrison & Jerry Cimino

Van Morrison & Jerry Cimino at the Beat Museum

It’s no accident. Both musicians were influenced by Jack and the Beats when they were teenagers, and today they’re two of rock and roll’s enduring legends.

Oh, and they also happen to be good friends.

Then I heard something that blew me away—

I have it on good authority (and from two different sources, no less): the last time they spoke on the phone together they talked about how much they both love The Beat Museum!

God Bless America.

And the British Isles.

(And long distance phone calls, too!)

An imaginary phone call between Jimmy Page and Van Morrison

Last night I had a very vivid dream. During that dream I was witness to an international phone call between Jimmy and Van

Jimmy: So, how’ve you been?

Van: Pretty good. Got a new album coming out.

Jimmy Page with 'Text and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll' by Simon Warner, and the new 'Kerouac on Record' edited by Simon Warner & Jim Sampas

Jimmy Page with ‘Text and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ by Simon Warner, and the new ‘Kerouac on Record’ edited by Simon Warner & Jim Sampas

Jimmy: Have you been traveling?

Van: Yes. I was in San Francisco last week. I stopped by The Beat Museum. They showed me some letters by Gary Snyder they want to exhibit soon.

Jimmy: I’ll be there next week. Those guys do good work.

Van: They do. They’re keeping the spirit of The Beats alive for future generations.

Jimmy: We should do a talk there together some time, explain what Kerouac and the Beats meant to us…

Van: That’d be fun. Do you think they’d let us?