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Regularly Scheduled Walking Tours for Individuals, couples or groups of 3 or more

We offer regularly scheduled walking tours Saturday afternoons at 2:00pm. Tour North Beach in the footsteps of the Beat Generation!

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I am the daughter of Neal Cassady, and I learned a lot about the places my dad hung out. It was enjoyable hearing stories about Dad’s escapades, and retracing his and his cronies’ steps through North Beach. It made us appreciate the impact the Beats had on society as a whole. Thank you.”


I cannot recommend this tour enough. As an English teacher who came to San Francisco to do research on a Beats course I will be teaching, I left with so much more information than I expected. The tour was informative, interesting, funny, and most importantly, in-depth.”


Fun, interesting and cool, The Beats in San Francisco was a highlight of my recent visit to San Francisco. We’ve taken a lot of walking tours and The Beats in SF was one of the best. Great for first-time visitors or locals.”


Customized Group Tours for 5 or More

Planning a group visit? The Beat Museum wants to make your group experience the most interesting, informative experience it can be, so we’re offering fully customizable group tour packages including walking tours of North Beach and guided tours of the Museum. Whether you’re planning a high school or college field trip, a sightseeing tour, company outing, etc., we’ll work with you to provide the best experience at a reasonable price.

Beat Museum Tour

  • Learn the difference between a Beat and a Beatnik
  • Learn the details of the HOWL obscenity trial of 1957 and how Lawrence Ferlinghetti almost went to jail for publishing a book of poetry
  • Hear the legendary stories of Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
  • Discover how the Hippie scene of the 1960s grew out of North Beach’s Beat Generation

North Beach Walking Tour

  • 2-hour guided walking tour through Historic North Beach with a focus on the Beat Generation of the 1950s
  • See the landmarks where the Beats lived, drank, wrote, and loved
  • Hear the stories of the jazz clubs, the comedy clubs and the entertainment scene

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