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Fear • Power • God

Fear • Power • God


The Birth of Tragedy Magazine's
Spoken Word/Graven Image Compilation

CFY Records, 1989
White vinyl

Jello Biafra
Allen Ginsberg
Anton La Vey
Henry Rollins
Lydia Lunch
Whipping Boy
Matt Heckert
Charles Manson
Mr. V. O. Real
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Lydia Lunch The Human Animal
Matt Heckert Untitled
Lawrence Ferlinghetti The Lord’s Prayer
Charles Manson Prison Tape
Mr. V.O. Real Balls In The Great Meat Grinder
Jello Biafra Alien Orders
Jello Biafra Space Shuttle
Allen Ginsberg A Song
Allen Ginsberg Dream About William Carlos Williams
Anton LaVey Book IV
Henry Rollins L.A.
Whipping Boy (2) The 3rd Secret

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