Signed, and includes original drawing by Bukowski

Charles Bukowski Letter – Nov. 14, 1965


Letter to Douglas Casement of Spero-Fenian Head Centre Press in Chicago, IL.
With original drawing by Bukowski.
Includes postmarked, stamped envelope.

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l.s. nov. 14, 1965 Hello Douglas C.: Good the poem was all right, and hope to enclose a few othrs for you to# look at. yes, I have a lousy job, in fact must work today, Sunday, and it’s raining, but I am having a quiet beer here in the late afternoon–the woman and the kid and her sis#ter and her kid are all at some god damned poetry reading which seems to do them a lot of good. I think that what does a lot of people good it just being squeezed together, rubbed together, chattering and scratching a bit. it doesn’t help me–that or the poetry. All right, you cool it at Northwestern crappers inc. I’ve had over a hundred jobs (I’m 45) and a couple of them were janitor. It’s kind of depressing but they all are. Got fired for sleeping in the lady’s can (nights). A couple of bosses caught me in there but I just looked at them and turned over. They didn’t have the guts to fire me then–they thought I was #crazy. was I? was I? is a fly? anyhow, I got a telegram when I got back to my room telling me that I would no longer be ####able to clean the shitbowls and pick up the bloody kotex rags at that great American Newspaper, the L.A. Times. Since I had had 2 years of ########## journalism at L.A. City College I found this highly disturbing. well then well then, we go on. ya, Buk

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