Edited by Martin McIntosh

Softcover, 144 pages, full color

ISBN 0-9751078-0-1

with an essay by Domenic Priore

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Visit the way-out world of the beatnik, circa 1959. It’s a world of coffeehouses and bohemian pads alive with poetry and jazz, populated with goatee sporting daddy-os and raven haired leotard wearing beatnik chicks. All backed with a bongo beat guaranteed to send you into orbit.

Beatsville is the first pop culture history of the beatnik. You’ll be hipped to it all with an extensive visual tour of the era with record covers, books, comics, ceramics, and more. Skirting around the more serious and philosophical tenants of the Beat Generation, Beatsville explores the above-ground pop culture manifestations of the beatnik… Maynard G. Krebs and Shelden Epps, “A Bucket of Blood” and “The Rebel Set,” “Like Crazy, Man” and “Loves in Greenwich Village,” “The Cool Scene” and “Grimm’s Hip Fairy Tales.” The visual tour continues with abstract splashes of paint and surreal cra-zee perspective as we delve into the kooky and far-out world of vintage beatnik art—and then coming out in contemporary times with beatnik-inspired art by today’s coolest artists, including Shag, Coop, Mark Ryden, The Pizz, Jeff Raglus, Sunny Buick, and Tim Biskup. Beatsville is your ticket from squaresville to the world of the cool, the way-out, and the offbeat.

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